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I do certainly love the tech that is within a Palo Alto firewall, so much so that after yet another ‘commitment to security’ from Cisco that I dumped all my ASAs, everywhere for all customers. I was tired of getting burned by ‘the cisco man’ selling me a security solution that disappears after a couple of years: mars, security manager, IDS, IPS, and the list goes on. This is not a post about that, this is a post about making a PaloAlto speak out, something that is required if you are to truly leverage its tech.

Many of us live by email as a means of communicating whether it is getting the news, alerts of some sort, sharing with family, etc… Thus getting a PaloAlto to communicate to you is critical, I don’t mean to the unacceptable level of noise from syslog but targeted email. To do this we will first want to configure an email server.

Device >> Server Profiles >> Email | add

Device > Server Profiles > Email

Device > Log Settings

In the configuration section create an entry…. more to add on this shortly….