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In an uncertain technology landscape the WildOlives Assessment offerings will help your solution be successful right out of the gate!
Every day, more businesses are discovering the benefits of a Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) system, which enables voice, video, and data collaboration between workers and customers anywhere in the world. UCC systems boost productivity, enable closer work between departments, and allow projects to incorporate all the talent within your organization, no matter where that talent may be located.


Assessment Services

Gartner reports spending on UCC solutions is expected to grow to $18.7 billion in 2013, at a compounded annual growth rate of 7.1% per CAGR.

  • Problems discovered during implementation can cost 30-50x more to resolve than if found in the Planning Phase.
  • 73% of companies have correctable performance problems.
  • 47% have storage latency problems.
  • 36% have spanning tree misconfigurations that are costing them bandwidth.
  • 21% of companies have servers plugged into unsupported LAN equipment.
  • 47% of VMware deployments have CPU over-subscription.

UCC requires a tightly-optimized network with the correct bandwidth, as well as unified data-collection systems.  All too often when a company is deploying UCC, infrastructure problems do not reveal themselves until implementation, when they are far more costly to solve- roughly 30x-50x more costly!  

WildOlives utilizes sophisticated network analysis tools to investigate your network layout, as well as bringing you technical architects who can suggest actionable changes to your architecture. Your final report will fully cover your readiness for UCC, that report and the services we provide are completely customizable, here are some common options for consideration.

  • Network and infrastructure diagram
  • Critical interfaces report
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) for upgrades
  • Deployment services
  • Customizable traffic simulations to cover all aspects of voice, video, and data
  • Identify critical issues
  • A network and infrastructure diagram
  • A full report on your licensing status
  • Device list, including those nearing End-of-Life | End-of-Sale
  • Analysis of your critical interfaces and their capacities
  • Additional options for “full mesh” testing, deployment services, and training
Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

We understand the mechanics of business as well as technology. Our approach to Managed IT Services focuses on delivering the highest levels of availability and security anytime, anywhere. From user end-points such as laptops, desktops, and smartphones to servers, virtualization, cloud computing, and IT optimization—we cover your entire network both onsite and off-premise so your data is there for you when you need it. Our managed IT services are provided by an engineering team that is not only highly skilled but constantly upgrading their own certifications in the dynamic and ever-changing technology field to better serve you.


The next generation of digital business requires a simplified, integrated IT infrastructure that is flexible, intelligent, high-performing, and secure. IT infrastructure assessments help you make sure your infrastructure is ready to meet those demands.

Infrastructure Assessments analyze your current business infrastructure to determine any changes that must be implemented to optimize your day to day activities as well as lower the overall TCO of your business hardware and technology.


Cyber attacks can be devastating to your business. They can disrupt your operations, steal your sensitive data, shut down your critical systems, and even hold your business hostage until a ransom is paid. Security assessments help you identify your vulnerabilities—before a hacker does. But more importantly, these assessments spell out the remediation steps you need to take to address your weaknesses and lower your risk of becoming a victim.

Hired Guns

WildOlives IT staff augmentation services can provide you with precisely what you need to get the job done on time and within budget.

WildOlives staffing professionals are available as consultants, contract-to-hire, or permanent staff additions, have extensive industry experience and are composed of top vetted talent. 

Project Oversight

There are times when, in order to get the job done, it’s necessary to supplement your team and get project management support. WildOlives can help.

Our expert project managers have thousands of hours of industry and role-specific experience across multiple project domains and can be utilized for as long as you need them by signing on during busy periods and cutting back as your budget or workload dictates.


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Cloud Readiness & Migrations

Engaging WildOlives fully-certified, dedicated Cloud Services team can help your company move to private, public, or hybrid-cloud solutions seamlessly.

We offer services that are flexible enough to help you meet your business objectives and remain safe, secure, and compliant with industry regulations. Let WildOlives team of experts provide expert assistance and support for all aspects of your migration to the cloud.

Remote Technical Support

Give your company a competitive advantage with WildOlives Remote Technical Support. With this service, you have access to expert technical support when you need it, freeing up your own internal resources so you can focus on running your business.

Compliance & Audits

Compliance is crucial to keeping your business information and customer data secure. To ensure businesses protect the data they collect and store, compliance standards have been created for many different industries. As part of our services, we provide full audits to ensure compliance based upon these standards. This also goes back to our industry experience in knowing which compliance requirements are necessary for your industry and business.


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