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Companies average 6 mos to detect a data breach at an average cost of $3.9M per incident.

We live in a time of accelerated change. Digital technologies open the door to possibilities once unthinkable—but they also make businesses more vulnerable. Safeguard your business against threats hidden in the network.

Today’s network security threats are more disruptive than ever before. The rapid evolution of the cloud and the explosion of network-connected devices create business opportunities, but they also present significant risks to privacy and security.

With a continually expanding threat landscape, your business needs complete architectures, enterprise visibility, governance, automation, and a team of experts who have your back 24/7/365.

WildOlives safeguards your business against hidden network threats. Because securely connecting people and technology is what we do! Industry-leading security services and best practices to protect your business.

  • CISO-for-hire (Chief Information Security Officer) for strategic planning and continuous oversight
  • Security blueprints, guidance, and technical architecture using ISO 27001 and the NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • Benchmarking across a closed group of companies in similar verticals
  • Security health assessments
  • Strategic planning and roadmaps
  • Insider threat tools and policies
  • Penetration testing
  • Managed cybersecurity services and support
  • Budgeting and ROI analysis